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My name is Cheryl Tsui, and I'm passionate about solving everyday problems for people to improve their lives. I love challenging myself to see how far I can go, how much I can learn, and how persistent I can be. Above all, however, I value the connections I can make with people through hearing their stories and understanding their needs. 

My career path is not an ordinary one. I came from Medical Science academia. But I had always wanted to see my efforts being translated to tangible positive impact in the healthcare community. So I took a detour and decided to enter the design space, where I can help people through envisioning and crafting what can be. I taught myself how to UX in 2015 and fast forward to 2021 I have become an Experience Design & Strategy Lead, and I love what I do. 

I now work at Klick Health and dedicate myself to helping brands and companies design meaningful, seamless, and omnichannel customer experiences through Design Doing. My specialty? I don't mind ambiguity at all and am highly adaptable; I am that person who will go the extra mile to ensure I deliver exceptional work. 



Cheryl has continued to not only inspire internal teams, but clients as well. When clients asked to see case examples of Design Thinking work we've done, Cheryl immediately sprung into action to not only complete the ask but to go beyond and inspire them with all the work we CAN do! Her passion is palpable and inspiring. 

— VP, Group Account Director, Klick Health


These past few weeks have been intense and challenging as the team has responded to a client ask around Design Thinking. Through all of it, Cheryl has been our driving force. Not only has she generated an amazing amount of work, but she's done so while pushing us all to think differently. Think bigger and see beyond the client 'ask' so that we can deliver on what the client actually 'needs'. It's been an absolute pleasure to work alongside her and I'm looking forward to what's to come next.

— VP, Strategy, Klick Health


Cheryl has been so wonderful in listening and being a helpful guide...She's been helping me navigate where my skills may best fit here at Klick and gave me space to explain my skills and share my point of view. Even though we haven't worked together before, she was quick to assess how she can help while being realistic and kept curious with what I had shared. I look forward to ever having the opportunity to work together, but for now, I think Cheryl brings a lot of great management skills in her work.

— Senior Designer, Klick Health


Cheryl is probably imprinted on me as my first "Klick mentor", and rightfully so. I would like to direct special attention towards my gratitude for her always looking out for me and my best interests. If you've had the pleasure of working with Cheryl, you'll know that she creates value wherever she goes. But she is especially skilled at making those around her better. 

— User Experience Architect, Klick Health


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